Dear Customer

On behalf of the William Reisner Company, Martin Reisner, I want to express our thanks for the opportunity to be your trusted scrap metal recycling partner for these past many years. Our company has proudly offered excellent service for over 100 years and 4 generations of our family. The business climate has changed and the company is faced with changing its business model.

We would like to introduce you to the Joseph Freedman Company and the President, John D. Freedman. This company, founded in 1891, also has a strong family tradition of service excellence. Together we will be working to transition your business to them in a smooth and productive manner. We want to continue to support your needs and provide the same or better level of service going forward.

The company with headquarters in Springfield MA, is one of the largest and oldest family owned and operated scrap metal recycling companies in the Northeast. As such we know that your needs can be supported.

During this next month we will work together to meet your needs, to answer questions and support your business service requirements. Please continue to call WRCO for your service needs while we transition. Should you have questions you may contact either company at the contact information below:

Martin Reisner, Timothy Grady, Tracy McAvoy - William Reisner Company - 978-365-4585

John D. Freedman, Michael Freedman, Bill Nichols - Joseph Freedman Co. Inc. - 413-781-4444


Martin Reisner
William Reisner Corp.

John D. Freedman
Joseph Freedman Co., Inc.